All Mixed Up

I’m pretty sure dancing is the key element to most Indian-American girls growing up.

Without missing a single Navratri, I made sure I “garba’d” my heart out every night I went. That included having the perfect choli to twirl  in and dangling jewelry to match. I have memories getting dressed those nights, and dusting off jewelry sets that I only got to show off pretty much once a year. My silver jewelry comes from the Indian state of Gujarat.

Harini’s dancing was definitely more disciplined. About 10 years of practicing Bharatnatyam gave her a unique perspective to her culture. The rush of performing gave her the opportunity to embrace her background. Harini’s jewelry comes from the south Indian state of Tamilnadu. It always comes in gold embellished with pearls and precious gems.

That all seems like ages ago right? Over the years, we’ve created and grown into our own individual styles. The essence of our styles are inspired by the perks of having two unique cultures. I love that with our regular day wear, we can adorn it with layers of our favorite jewelry pieces from India.


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