Nothing excites us more than impromptu adventures, especially if means traveling to beautiful New Orleans! This city swallows you in a whirlwind of strong culture with all the colors, music and food. It was special sharing this trip with each other- it meant double the beignets!

Speaking of this N’awlins classic fried treat, we were able to have one daily during our stay. If you’re visiting for the first time – or even the 11th time, I refuse to let you leave without waiting in line and devouring an order of beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde. Yes – super touristy, but for a reason! It’s delicious and you get a decent view of Jackson Square. After our 7 hour drive ,we went straight there to officially initiate our NOLA adventure. Also, a tip, don’t be a rookie like me and wear ALL black when eating these powdered sweets.


To explore the city and go beyond the lively Bourbon Street, we ventured off to Magazine Street, filled with very lovely boutiques and cafes. Aside from the shops, you see more pops of colors, like accessories down the street. Even if it’s a one legged unicorn wearing a Mardi Gras themed tutu…

The bright buildings enticed us to take use them as our backdrops. You can’t blame us- that blue is bluetiful! Excuse my puns!

So on New Year’s Eve, we decided to do a mini food tour, which of course meant more beignets. We tried Cafe Beignet (because duh), and probably the best beignets we tried. It’s an extremely cute cafe too. We definitely recommend it!


After, we tried a very popular place -The Ruby Slippers Cafe. We waited over an hour to get a table – and definitely worth it. I love that the name of this restaurant, inspired by Wizard of Oz, and how Dorothy says it best – “there’s no place like home”. This concept was very special after Katrina to this city.


As you can see, we’ve only dabbled 0.005% of this city. There’s so much music to be listened to and Cajun food to try. I guess we’ll have to visit again soon!

Let us know if you’re planning to visit NOLA! Remember, Mardi Gras is around the corner – Tuesday, February 28th!



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