“How Indian Are You?”

The funny and beautiful thing about India is its complexity. History. 

1991-present. Sydney Australia, New Jersey, Raleigh, NC and Eventually Charlotte, NC

My mother was a history major and was by default the most patriotic tamilian I had ever met in my life. I was 16 when my family applied for our american citizenship, not becuase we couldn’t, but because my parents were genuinely torn between letting go of their country in order to sacrfice a future for me and my sister. They always thought America was temporary but they eventually realized that me and my sister were AMERICAN. On the other side of the world, another little girl was going through something quite similar.

2009. Organic chemistry. “Are you from Chennai?”


Me and Faliha were in our first year of college at VIT University when we met and realized we had alot more in common than we thought. We both left our home countries to pursue our entire bachelors degree(not a semester abroad) in India. She was from Saudi Arabia and I was from the States. To my suprise, we both knew tamil. My parents were tamil with dravidian ancestry(meaning originating from tamilnadu) and her ancestors travelled to India during the Moghul dynasty. Thus, the explanation on why we spoke a common language.

However, this was not what really brought us together. Travel spoke volumes in our friendship and still does today. We recently visited Chicago and decided to have a little fun!

Make sure to follow Faliha on instagram! @falihazikra


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