Ever since we were a little girls, we have always been OBSESSED with fashion but always had to conform to the standard definition of style and never felt comfortable in our own skin. Harini left Charlotte to study in India and was able to gain an unbelievable perspective on fashion and everything that she was insecure about when she was younger quickly became her definition of style. Pranjali has always been heavily involved in many community activities and used her sociable personality to explore other backgrounds which made her relationship with her own even stronger. Our personal trends are heavily influenced by our culture and we hope to inspire and encourage other people to embrace their uniqueness!

“We found our style, have you found yours?”


Harini Saravanan

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Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina and spreading the love from Queen City! I like to call myself a #queencityunicorn (a resident of CLT who is originally from CLT). That’s right, I grew up in Charlotte back when it was just a small town and the most fun thing to do was spend your weekends at Concord Mills Mall. Now, we have a light rail, a wall street hussle, and hippie habitats! It’s safe to say I love my city and its a big part of the person I am today. After high school, I went to  college in India and I’m in the process of completing my masters at Johns Hopkins University. I travel as much as a can (a secret skill of mine: making last minute itineraries) but I gotta say, there is no better feeling in this world than descending into Charlotte on a friday night!

Interests: Fashion, Travel, Photography, Design, and Painting



Pranjali Shah